Zonen 09. Sewing patterns and organic cotton.

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Interested in Zonen 09? Below you can find some basic information and images. Like to write about Zonen 09, get hi-res photos or learn more? Email Sharon at or call +32 (0) 476 876 922. 

Our story
Here you can read more about the Zonen 09 story.

Our mission
Zonen 09 wants to help you create the things you wish existed. With stylish designs and dapper sewing patterns that come with the clearest and most elaborate sewing tutorials out there.

Zonen 09 won the Bryo Creative Highlight award 2014.

Bryo stands for Bright and Young and is a network of entrepreneurs. It is a project by the Flemish Chambre of Commerce that helps young, high potential individuals put their ideas into practice and grow their businesses.

This is our catalogue with most of the Zonen 09 products launched from 2012 through 2017. Click on the picture to flip through the catalogue.

Zonen 09 catalogue

Below is an overview of newspaper articles and magazines that wrote about or mentioned Zonen 09. Click on the pictures to read the articles (in Dutch).

Zonen 09 in Elle België                       Zonen 09 in Shoot 

Zonen 09 in Elle België                       Zonen 09 in Het Laatste Nieuws    

Zonen 09 in Gent Blogt                       Zonen 09 in VOKA Ondernemers

Zonen 09 in Gent Blogt                       Zonen 09 in De Vlaamse Ondernemer

Zonen 09 in De Tijd                       Zonen 09 in VOKA Tribune

Zonen 09 in De Krant van West-Vlaanderen                       Zonen 09 in De Morgen

Zonen 09 in Made in Oost-Vlaanderen                       Zonen 09 in Made in Oost-Vlaanderen

Videos and interviews
Below is an overview of videos about Zonen 09 and interviews with Sharon. Click on the pictures to view the videos.

Video by AVS

Zonen 09 on AVS news

Video by De Redactie

Zonen 09 on Eén news

Video by AVS

Zonen 09 on AVS Pluk je Zomer

Video by Technopolis

 Zonen 09 for Technopolis

Charity and volunteer work

Zonen 09 was born while organizing a charity event for a sewing school in Kenya. Helping others and volunteering is part of the core values Zonen 09 wants to convey.

Click on the picture below to read more about the event 'Van Katoen' Sharon and her friends organized in April 2012.

Van Katoen

Click on the picture below to read more about Sharon's volunteering with Annick for Kenya in Ganja La Simba (Kenya).

Sharon in Kenya

Click on the picture below to read more about Sharon's volunteering with Exchange vzw in Thiès (Senegal).

Sharon in Senegal

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